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« Her voice will be your next obsession. »  - ELLE (France)
« Her plainspoken lyrics are biting in the best way. » - Refinery29 (USA)
« Extremely promising debut single. » - Highsnobiety (USA)
« The minimal music lets her vocal flow lead the track, something that’s a hallmark in Soundcloud rap but that most artists have a hard time translating to other genres; that shift is part of what makes SZA’s music so appealing. » 
- Refinery29 (USA)
« At first, the song sounds like bedroom music at its best: soft and sensual. Yet, as the melody picks up, there’s a tenacity and self-assuredness that radiates from the production, as WAYI sings ‘Love me the way I am or I’ll go / Being me, free’. »
« Sounds like a sonic tiramisu – layer after layer of rich genres that somehow blend together into a harmonious bite. » - Highsnobiety (USA)
« If Jhené Aiko and Solange had a baby that was raised in a world of electronic music and hip hop. » - Red Bull Elektropedia (Belgium)
« WAYI is our Flemish Beyoncé. » - MNM (Belgian national radio)
« An incredible voice. »  - Pure FM (Belgian nation radio)
« Essential wisdom in the framework of ‘00s R&B but reworked with this 25-year-old Congolese flair. »  - The Most Radicalist (UK)
« A name worth remembering. » - Conversations About Her (UK)
« TOO good. » - Sodwee (France)
« It doesn’t take much more than one listen to hear the talent & potential she possesses. » - Lyrical Lemonade (USA)
« Smooth, soulful and empowering. »  - Ramona Magazine (Australia)
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